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I couldn’t agree more. This whole big hairy deal has come up because three years ago she made a comment involving the word “tranny”. Three years ago, mind you. And now that people are more hot to phrases like that, everyone’s making a fuss.

It seems that no one can say anything anymore without people getting offended about it. I mean, television shows and movies sometimes feature the word “tranny”, and others similar, but do they get massive amounts of hate for it? No. Because it’s used in a “funny context”.

This is a case of “don’t hate the game, hate the player”.

Words are words, people shouldn’t hate others because they use them.

That’s basically like people hating Usain Bolt because he can run. Which i’m sure nobody does, so I don’t understand why people have to hate on Laci because she used a word, because she can speak. 


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This is my opinion on the Laci Green controversy, though I barely know much about it.

Okay, so this girl/woman/person/human, Laci Green: She talks about sensitive subjects, going by what people have said. Some of these subjects people take offense by.

I will openly admit that I’ve watched very few of her videos (not by any way of offense with her and whatnot, I’m just so busy being obsessed with Tom Hiddleston and Tumblr that I don’t have time to worry about Youtube unless it’s the VlogBrothers or Danisnotonfire or something) but what I can see from the ones I have viewed she’s just an out there person.

She says what’s on her mind and to be honest and quite frank, I’m going to take a leaf out of her book here and say that if you have taken offence with this human being and her own unique personality and way of dealing with things and you then feel it’s okay to treat her, and the people who back her up and support her, like dirt and the scum of the Earth and sending them DEATH THREATS, shit’s going down. I don’t care if you think it’s justified, telling people to kill themselves is downright wrong and in my opinion makes you worse than the person who has offended you.

Unless they’ve committed genocide or something. In which case you’re probably just above their standards or morality because they’ve taken it one step further.

Stop being such Drama Llamas about something that you could just get over quickly. If you don’t like a person, just walk away without causing a big fucking dispute about it.

This has been an uneducated guess/public service announcement about the Laci Green  controversy and hate that goes way overboard.


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